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Yesterday I took advantage of a longish train trip to read your book. well, I felt I was back in hectic Mumbai with the honking of the cars, the traffic jams and the millions of lives written up into millions of unread stories, millions of truths made irrelevant by the dust that lifts below the gigantic portraits of Amitabh Bachchan. Yes, you brought me back to reality. Thank you for sharing your book with me. in it, I also found many similarities with contemporary Costa Rican poets of my generation, obviously in a different context and with different references, but the speed, the fact of being referential, the contrasts between tradition and the invasion of technology, and other elements, give rise to a shared experience and thus to a transcontinental new Voice. -Zingonia Zingone, Italian and Spanish Poet, Novelist and Translator

ďThe angst of Hemant's poems are only complemented by their course, striking imagery.Ē - Vidhi Talele

Hemant Divate is a reputed Indian poet and writes in his mother tongue, Marathi.

Hemantís first book of poems, Chautishiparyantchya Kavita (2000), was a path-breaking collection which redefined poetry. It was translated into the English by the renowned poet and translator Dilip Chitre and titled Virus Alert. Chitre decided to translate the entire first collection of Divateís Marathi poems because, in Chitreís words, Ďthey had significance beyond Marathi in a globalizing world. [Hemantís] poems were consistently good and the book made a coherent poetic statement about life in Mumbai since the 1990s. It revealed a disturbed and disturbing microcosm and the poems could withstand translation.íread more...

26.02.2011 :: Paris trip

Travelling to Paris and then to Marseille.

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2011 :: Forthcoming books

Depressingly Monotonous landscape (Marathi)

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